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Vernon Loring Langdon Left this world on January 1st 2011.

He was a man who wasn't afraid of chasing his dreams and living out every boyhood fantasy you can think of, from monster maker to circus clown, from magician to brutish wrestler.

He was a guy who loved life, always had, and cherished just about everything that came his way.

Verne began playing music at three years of age, and creating monster costumes at seven. He D-J'd two radio shows while in high school in San Jose, at station KLOK. Then, at age twenty-one, he became "Official Co-Owner of Don Post Studios".

Many of us are familiar with the "Calendar" masks from Don Post Studios. It was Verne who made Don Post Studios known for "monsters & quality" by expanding the company's line to a dozen masks by creating the "Hollywood Monsters" masks.

Verne's music is legendary among horror fans. He wrote, co-produced, and performed many albums since 1972 that are available today as digital downloads.

This Video Tribute can only exhibit a small slice of Verne's talents and abilities. Let it be a reminder to us, how much we all have been affected by this man who was so instrumental in shaping our beloved hobbies.