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The items for sale here are all official Verne Langdon Merchandise.

Your purchases will help keep Verne’s art alive for everyone to enjoy.

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Verne’s music may be purchased on CD or as Digital download at:

Get Zombified on the outside with your very own Verne Langdon album art!

High quality black T-Shirts.  Choose from sizes- S, M, LG, XLG, XXLG

Dr Druid’s

Haunted Seance

The Vampyre At

The Harpsichord

Music For


Electric Lemon

Record Co.

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Vampyre at the Harpsichord               Phantom Of The Organ          Dr. Druids Haunted Séance         Music For Dead Things                  Music For Zombies                Land Of A Thousand Faces

Speaking of BUTTONS

  Now you can get SIX of Verne Langdons coolest album covers on 1.5 inch Pinbacks!

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The two albums that started it all!
The music that shaped “creepy music” as we know it, now for the first time anywhere on SHEET MUSIC! Buy Now style 1 button
Front Cover
To Enlarge
Back Cover
A beautiful 72 page, spiral-bound volume, of classic horror created by the nefarious mind of Carl Johnson of LA FEAR!
A must-have missive for ANY musician of the macabre!

                                           He’s Here, He’s Hairy & He’s BACK!   

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